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I am Sai Smrithi, an architect turned product and visual designer with a strong inclination towards learning, understanding and implementing everyday aspects of design to make a positive impact on people’s lives and this world we live in.

Thoughts and Skills

I believe that design alongwith people’s perception of it forms the basis for anything and everything, and in the past years I have gained experience in looking at ideas and concepts through varied lenses, and translating them into tangible results. 


I specialise in user centric digital design, crafting brand identities and researching emerging trends and changing mindsets. I love working closely with people, and am always eager to learn and adapt in order to provide meaningful results. I thrive in high powered situations, and look to make genuine relationships with my team.


School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, Chennai


Bachelor of Architecture

8.45 CGPA

Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan, CBSE, Chennai





Absinthe and Cadaver

2020 - Present

Co-Founder, Freelance Graphic Designers

The Guindy Times

2019 - 2020

Senior Correspondent of Design

Lavanya & Shankar Architects

2019 - 2020

Architectural Intern




+91 8870104320

Psst Psst..

Bet you thought that was the end, well here is something more about me.

I am a certified baker with my own artisanal home bakery.

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I have 47839 books on my TBR now, but give me anything based on Greek mythology and I will geek out.

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In my free time, I love scrolling down on twitter to watch every fandom wage a very un-civil war.

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Even though I did not pursue Architecture professionally, I give the subject all the credit for kindling a tonne of interests in me.

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